Blades & Scalpels

Blades & Scalpels

Scalpel Handles and Blades for Professionals, Podiatrists, Veterinary Clinics and Biology Students. Best selection of Scalpels in various size and shapes. From thin and flat to round and robust, long or short, pencil or palmar grip, single-use or re-usable: the scalpel handle you choose is important. Other than the correct size, you want to consider comfort and practicality. A single-use BP handle may be simpler for certain applications, but you may prefer a reusable handle for other procedures. For surgical and podiatry scalpel blades the regular size handles are #3 and #4.

Various scalpel blades and handles are interchangeable. Generally, a #3 and #5 handle can use blades 10 to 15 and the #4 and #6 scalpel handle is compatible with blades 20 to 25. For example, the 11-blade can fit in a #3 handle, but also in 5B, 7, 9, B3 and B3L. If you have a preferred handle, you just need to make sure it will fit the various blades that you use most frequently. Some medical professionals like paramedics prefer the fully disposable scalpel options.

Blade remover is a device that is used to remove surgical blades from the scalpel handles. A easy way to detach the scalpel blade from the BP handle without touching the blades. See our video demonstration for this device. This device is compatible with scalpel handle 3, 3L, 3R, 4, 4L, 4R, 5 and 6.

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