Surgical Forceps are grasping type instruments. These forceps can be categorized in two types; Thumb Style (Tweezers Shape) and Hemostat Style Forceps with locking mechanism (Artery Clamps).

Thumb Forceps; are tweezers shape forceps; most common types include; Adson Forceps, Tissue Forceps, Dressing Forceps, Splinter Forceps, College Pliers,. These Forceps have serrated tips or rat tooth tip with teeth. Thumb Forceps are held between thumb and fingers of one hand. 

Hemostat Forceps; are multipurpose clamping tools used in dental surgical procedures. These Forceps have locking mechanism for hand free hold. Mot popular styles are Kelly Forceps, Crile Forceps, Mosquito Forceps, Rocheter Pean Forceps, Sponge Forceps, Tonsil Forceps, Pennington Forceps, Mixter Forceps and more. Feel free to shop our online catalog for your instrument needs.

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