Oral Instruments

Oral Instruments

Oral Instruments are essential tools used in the field of dentistry and oral surgery to assist in various procedures and examinations. Among the products in this category are different types of mouth gags, cheek retractors, lip retractors, tongue depressors, and various types of rongeurs. These instruments are designed to provide access to different areas of the mouth, hold tissues in place, or remove bone and tissue during surgical procedures.

Mouth gags come in different styles and designs to accommodate various surgical needs. Cheek retractors like the Columbia Lip Retractor or the University of Minnesota Cheek Retractor are used to hold cheeks or lips away from the surgical site, allowing for better visibility and access.

Rongeurs, such as the Blumenthal Rongeur or the Micro Friedman Rongeur, are specialized instruments used to remove bone or tissue during oral surgery. These instruments come in a variety of angles and tip styles to suit different surgical needs. Shop online for your dental and surgical clinic instrument needs. 

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