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Make your podiatry practice the best it can be with premium tools. Choose from all the major categories of podiatry tools to beef up your treatment capabilities. They are all high-quality, durable, and meet the needs of your medical establishment.

Nail Nippers Podiatry

Professional toenail nippers provide the ability to cut the toughest nails. These podiatrist tools are stainless steel and designed for cutting through the thickest toenails. You have your choice of many different styles, all of which are of the highest quality.

Additionally, they are designed for cutting small toenails and fingernails in the tightest spots. The thin head is perfect for accurately trimming ingrown toenails. They feature gently curved blades that easily fit the nipper to the shape of the nails and edges for the purposes of cutting.

Stainless steel ensures that your nippers won’t rust, corrode or become tarnished. This means they will stay sharp for a long time.

Podiatry Curette

Curettes are for those cases where you need to safely remove debris from under the nail plate’s edge. These expertly crafted tools will help reduce coarseness at the nail borders. You will easily relieve ingrown toenail problems.

The podiatry curette is largely relied upon for toenail cleaning procedures. You will be able to accurately and gently relieve ingrown nail edges and subungual debris. Additionally, you will be able to successfully drain abscesses with these tools.

Cuticle Nippers

These cuticle nippers are a great solution to tough cuticles and hangnails. They’re also great for trimming thin toenails. The small trimming head will also provide you with the ability to expertly trim ingrown nails. All the options available are made of high-grade stainless steel.

Cuticle nippers provide excellent control when dealing with precise situations. Because of the excellent handle, you will have no problem cutting the most delicate tissue with these tools.

Professional Tools

Choose professional podiatry tools for your practice. You want to ensure that you only offer the best for all your patients.

Jul 3rd 2022 SURGICAL123

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