Dental Forceps

Dental Forceps

Dental Extracting Forceps comes in a variety of styles and shapes. Most commonly available types are; American Pattern and English Pattern a.k.a European Pattern. These pattern can be easily identified from their appearance. Most visible difference is the joint area. American Pattern Dentist Forceps are built in a box joint formation (non visible screw) (Shown in Picture A). While English Pattern Dental Forceps have a visible screw joint a.k.a lap joint (Picture B).

American Pattern Dental Forceps: (Picture A)

English Pattern Dental Forceps: (Picture B)

Both American and English Pattern Dental Extracting Forceps offer wide selection of styles and shapes. Depending on procedure a Dentist may use any of these dental forceps. Regardless of the pattern, Dental Forceps are marked with their universal style numbers. This unique style number helps Dentist to identify instruments for the required procedure. 

A short list of most popular extraction forceps with their style numbers;

  • Cow Horns #23 or #16
  • Lower Universal #151
  • Upper Universal #150
  • Pedodontic Forceps #16S #17S #150S 151S
  • Roots & Fragments #69 #65
  • Upper Molars #53L #53R #88L #88R
  • Lower Molars #23 #17
  • Mead Pattern #MD3
  • English Pattern #13 #22 #74

More styles of Dental Forceps can be found at

Oct 3rd 2020

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