Hemostat Forceps

Hemostat Forceps

Hemostat Forceps is a clamp used in surgical procedures to control the flow of fluid. These hemostats are available in many shapes and sizes. Smallest size 3.5 inch to 16 inch in length. Hemostat forceps are also known as artery forceps due the nature of its use. All hemostat forceps features similar appearance; most common features listed below;

  • Grasping jaws with teeth or without teeth or smooth jaws
  • Ring Handles
  • Ratchet Locking Mechanism

Most popular hemostat forceps for a surgical procedure are;

Mosquito Forceps, Kelly Forceps, Pean Forceps. All these hemostats available in straight and curved jaws and a size range from 5inch to 16 inch in length. The most light weight pattern is a mosquito forceps in a 5 inch model. Then Kelly Forceps is a most commonly used surgical hemostat clamp. Unlike most hemostats Kelly Forceps features half serrated and half smooth jaws. The locking mechanism on a hemostat forceps allows user to adjust the clamping force of the pliers. To lock user closes the hemostat then set of teeth on each side of the rings engages to lock it in place.

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Mar 16th 2021

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