Magill Forceps

SURGICAL123.COM carries premium-quality Magill forceps for surgical use. These come in two options: the Magill Forceps Open Tip Model and the Magill Catheter Forceps. As instruments for ENT, EMS, and anesthesia procedures, these forceps have been designed for ease of use and comfort for patients.

Ergonomic Design for Maximum Control

Our Magill forceps are precisely designed with an oblique angle between the blades and handles. This allows for easy insertion into cavities like the airway, guiding tracheal tubes, or nasogastric tubes safely into the esophagus. In addition, the design allows for precision control under direct vision.

Open Tip Design With Fenestrated Serrated Grasping Tip

The fenestrated design allows doctors to see objects, while the grasping tip allows for easy gripping of different materials. Even when the handles are closed, the tips remain slightly open for additional safety.

Made of Reusable Stainless Steel Material

Our Magill forceps are made of OR-grade stainless steel that’s extremely hygienic. In addition, the metal doesn’t rust, break, or bend easily. These can be reused for various procedures, and they are easy to clean and sanitize.

Available in Child and Adult Sizes

Whether you’re operating a children’s dental practice or a hospital, you can get the sizes you need for your operations. We offer adult and child-sized Magill forceps. The latter is seven inches long while the adult-size equipment is nine inches.

Jan 16th 2023

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