Mouth Gag

Mouth Gag

Mouth Gag is a surgical device used to prevent mouth from closing during a procedure. A Mouth Gag is placed between upper and lower jaws. Depending on need of the procedure a Doctor may choose from one of the following types.

Molt Mouth Gag:

This surgical device features 2 blades, locking mechanism, and ring handles. The blades are equipped with a replaceable silicone guard for a soft cushioned feel. The locking mechanism holds the device in its position and prevents mouth from closing. A quick lock-release lever disengage the device quickly.  Molt Mouth Gag is available in three sizes; Adult, Child and Infant. Professionals choose the appropriate size for their patient and procedure needs.

Fergusson Auckland Mouth Gag:

Fergusson Auckland Mouth Gag features pliers style handles, two small blades, ring locking mechanism to hold its position for one hand use. In closed position both blades sits overlapping each other. This mouth gag can also be used with a silicone guard.

Denhardt Mouth Gag:

Denhardt Mouth Gag features two blades with extended flaps on both sides of the blades, grip-lock mechanism. This Mouth Gag is available in two designs; 1. Ring Handles, 2. Pliers Style handles with spring action. Excellent quality stainless steel Mouth Gag for Professional use.

Heister Mouth Gag:

Heister Mouth Gag features two straight prongs and a butterfly lock. The two prongs opens and hold their position when the butterfly screw is turned clock-wise. Made from drop forged stainless steel and hand finished for durability.

Oct 23rd 2020

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