Nail Nippers for Podiatry Professionals

Podiatrists and Foot care professionals use a variety of podiatry and dermal instruments for their patients. Podiatry Surgical Instruments includes Nail Nippers, Toenail Cutters and Nail Splitters, English Anvil Nail Splitters and Double Action Mycotic Nail Nippers. Podiatrist tools come in a variety of shapes, styles and sizes. Most popular Nail Nippers are Straight (Flat) Edge, Concave Edge, Inverted Blade.

Straight Edge (Flat) Nippers:

These are the most popular type of nail nippers among podiatrists and medical professionals. These nail nippers features Stainless steel construction and straight cutting edge. These nail nippers provide a clean, gentle trimming of nails with ease of operation. Straight Edge Nail Nippers can be used on nails and tough toenails. Assorted size options makes is more convenient for podiatrists to choose the right These nail nippers available in multiple size options; Lightweight, Medium and Heavy Duty Toenail Nippers. Depending on the need a DPM professional can pick the appropriate type to fulfill needs of the patients. There are multiple patterns of the this products available online at

English Anvil Pattern Nail Splitters:

Podiatry Professionals top pick for nail treatment. These nail splitters features straight cutting edge on one blade and a flattened surface on the other side. Both sides of the jaw a narrowly tapered to accommodate the working on smaller or hard to reach areas. Stainless Steel construction and double spring action make this podiatry tool very convenient for use in a clinic or hospital setup.

Concave Edge Nail Nippers:

These are heavy duty toenail nail nippers featuring concave cutting edge. Both blades are slightly curved to accommodate the curvature of the nails. Sturdy stainless steel construction and Rockwell hardness provides smooth trimming of toughest toenails. Excellent choice for a podiatrist tools set.

Mycotic Nail Nippers:

Podiatrists Tool kit must have this double action toenail nippers. Features; straight and concave cutting edge options. This heavy duty professional grade toenail nipper can cut toughest toenails with ease.

Feb 14th 2020

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