Needle Holder

Needle Holder

A Needle Holder is a surgical instrument used by Doctors and Surgeons to hold a suturing needle for closing wounds during surgical procedures. A Needle Holder is similar to a Hemostat Forceps. It comes in several shapes, sizes and straight or curved jaws. Most Needle Holder types have a ratchet lock to hold its position. Needle Holders have short or long jaws with serration (texture) or smooth (non serrated). 

Most common Needle Holder Types are listed below; Shop Needle Holder

How do you lock a Needle Holder?

A ratchet lock on a Needle Holder is used to hold and lock the jaws. A user holds needle holder with thumb and middle finger and supports with index finger. Lock engages as soon as the ratchet over lap each other. To release the lock user pushes thumb forward while pulling middle finger backward.

Apr 11th 2021

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