Orthodontic Instruments

Orthodontic Instruments

Choose from a selection of high quality, durable and hygienic orthodontics instruments including pliers, wire cutters, wire bending pliers, Boley gauges and more.

These reusable stainless steel instruments are designed specifically for dentists and as such are easy to handle, allowing for precision work. They are also easy to sterilize between treatments.

Affordable, Reliable Instruments

We are proud to stock Medixplus instruments. Medixplus produces affordable, reliable and durable medical equipment for your dental practice, offering peace of mind and easy, precise treatments.

Whether you are looking for a Mathieu needle holder or a precise bracket height gauge, we have the tools you need in our store and are committed to offering the most affordable prices.

Take Accurate Measurements Easily

Get accurate measurements with the Crown Iwanson Gauge and the Boley gauge with graduations in mm and cm. The clear, easy to read markings and durable construction of these instruments mean users can depend on them for at-a-glance readings.

Everything an Orthodontist Needs

Orthodontists need a large collection of specialist instruments to complete treatments, including:

These instruments allow for the precise measuring, cutting, placing and manipulation of elastomeric ligatures. Intra-oral cutting and placement can be difficult due to the angle that the orthodontist is working at and the limited space available in the mouth. These tools allow orthodontists to work precisely and safely while fitting or removing ligatures.

Choose from bracket height gauges in a range of sizes, individual pliers and cutting tools and a variety of instrument sets. These high-quality, reusable instruments are easy to sanitize, durable, precise and hygienic giving orthodontists and their patients the peace of mind that they're receiving the highest quality treatment.

Oct 21st 2020

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