Blumenthal Bone Rongeurs are specialized surgical, dental instruments used in a clinic setup. These instruments are commonly used to remove the spinous process and boney prominent. The pituitary rongeur is primarily used to remove the bone bit by bit, which helps surgeons prevent damage to nerves and blood vessels.

Forged from premium grade, 100% stainless steel with a satin finish that prevents glare. Rongeurs have a variety of angled beaks, shapes and come in different lengths. There are numerous types of surgical grade rongeurs, which include but are not limited to:

Pituitary rongeur types have straight up and down pinching, available in 2 mm, 3 mm, and 4 mm jaw widths and are used to remove spinal disc and tissue from small spaces. All of these three rongeur types are used in micro-discectomy practices requiring the use of a microscope to remove tissue: these types include:

  • Peapod
  • Micro straight
  • Micro Williams (snaggletooth)

The Casper Serrated Pituitary rongeur used serrated edges to provide added help with the delicate removal of tissue.

Stille-Luer Horsley rongeurs point straight out from the handle and are used to perform a laminectomy; they are used to remove ligaments and nerves from bone tissue.

Kerrison feature variable jaw widths of 1 mm, 2 mm, 3 mm, 4 mm, and 5 mm. Two jaw slants (40o and 90 o), used for up or down biting. They have a longer shaft length for spinal cases than shorter shaft instruments used for ear, nose, and throat operations.

The Leksell rongeur points straight out from the handle. Used for the same purpose as the Stille-Luer Horsley rongeur. This rongeur can be found in a variety of widths.

The Duckbill rongeur points to the side with a slightly pointed side. Used for the same purpose as the Stille-Luer Horsley rongeur. This rongeur can be found in a variety of widths.

Their sharp tips permit effortless cutting action. Our dental rongeurs have a box joint and come with an easy-grip, ergonomic plier style handle guaranteeing maximum manipulation. All rongeurs are made incorporating a pair of solid jaws with sharp-edged opposing surfaces. Additionally, the jaws come in various different shapes and profiles, allowing specialists to engage in difficult surgical procedures.

These instruments are suitable for various jaw profiles for suiting surgical procedures. Used to cut or trim soft bone and tissue. These instruments should never be used to remove roots or work on soft tissue. Additionally, you will be removing bone and tissue that should not be tampered with. These dental instruments are designed to be used for orthopedic, spinal, ENT, and Neurosurgery.

The Rongeur offers a wide array of surgical advantages for podiatrists and other surgeons in multifaceted fields. These advantages are convenient throughout surgical procedures that require accurate bone cutting.

Besides, our rongeurs feature a plier-style handle with horizontal ridges. The handle has a double spring mechanism that ensures an efficient opening and closing motion.

If you are interested in purchasing a pair of Blumenthal Bone Rongeurs or just looking to find more information on dental rongeurs, please visit us online and be happy to assist you.

Nov 12th 2022

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