Tri Bander Ring Bands

Castrate your farm animals safely and painlessly with our Tri Bander rings. Manufactured by MedixPlus and made in the USA, these castrating rings allow you to control the breeding of your livestock.

Surgical123 offers Tri Band Rings in packs of 25 or 100 pieces. We also ship orders on the same day, provided they are made before 1:00 PM Eastern Time. Surgical123 also ships orders worldwide.

Managing Your Livestock

As a farmer, you serve the community well by raising your animals that provide food like beef and eggs. You're also directly responsible for creating commodities like leather and wool.

However, as all animals are prone to do, some may engage in unplanned breeding when they're left unsupervised on the pasture.

An overabundance of animals on your farm can create problems, especially if you don't have the logistics to support and raise them.

While there are castration options available, including surgery, many ultimately hurt and maim the animal. Post-op recovery may lead to unnecessary complications for you and your farm.

Fortunately, our castration bands provide a method of safely castrating your male animal without harming them.

Surgical123 offers Tri Bander Rings in Tan and Black Colors. Amber color Tri Bands are excellent choice for animals such as cattle, goat and sheep. Please consult a veterinarian before using any of these bands. Use appropriate vaccination.

Tri Bander Rings

Standard Size Tan color Tri Band Rings opens to 2.5"x 2.5" x 2.5" - superior quality, straight edge and better strength than standard bands. Open using a regular Tri-Bander Tool and put it in place, tightening clips not required.Tan color bands can be used with a standard Tri-Bander, do not use these bands on XL Tri-Bander.

XL Tri-Band Rings

Because of their relative strength, our XL Tri Bander Ring Bands are meant to be used with a XL Tri Bander Tool. Bigger, stronger and better XL Bander bands is excellent choice to castrate bulls, cattle, sheep, goat. Straight edge, Black Color XL bands opens bigger than the Tan color bands. See video below;

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Sep 19th 2022 Surgical123

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