What is a Rongeur

A Rongeur is a surgical dental instrument with a sharp edge scoop shaped tip. Rongeur is used for gouging out bone fragments and soft tissue. Most commonly used in neurosurgery, pediatric surgery, maxillofacial surgery and orthopedic surgeries. A Rongeur can also be used in cadaver dissection lab to break through ribs when removing the anterior chest wall.

The Rongeurs are heavy duty pliers like instruments in a variety of shapes sizes and types. Depending on procedure needs a Doctor may choose one or more of the following types. 

Blumethal Rongeurs: A pliers like rongeur with scooped tips. Comes in 30, 45 and 90 degree angled tips.

Friedman Bone Rongeurs: Slightly narrow tips with scoop shape sharp edge.

Ruskin Bone Rongeurs: A double action heavy duty bone rongeur for orthopedic procedures. Available in multiple sizes with straight or curved scooped jaws. Excellent quality product.

Adson Rongeurs: Heavy duty large scoope shape tips.

Kerrison Rongeurs:

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May 3rd 2021

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