Ambidex Forceps & Needle Holders

Ambidex Hemostat Forceps and Needle Holders

Newly designed with comfort and accessibility in mind, Ambidex hemostat forceps and needle holders are the first hemostat innovation and design change in over 100 years. The patent-protected design features a universal handle, so it can function in either hand with ease. This universal design puts Ambidex in a league of its own compared to other existing hemostats. Ambidex hemostat forceps and needle holders represent a new standard in the surgical tools industry.

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Revolutionary Patent-Protected Design

Ambidex's revolutionary patent-protected design features a locking system that allows you to push or pull in either direction, so you can disengage the clamp with either hand easily. Conventional hemostats can only lock in one direction, leading to frustration when trying to use them with the opposite hand. This can create a distraction in the operating room and serves as an annoyance overall. Ambidex solves this problem with its one-of-a-kind design that functions in either hand.

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Universal Functions in Either Hand

Left-handed and right-handed medical professionals rejoice! Ambidex has a universal design that makes it easy to use with both the left and right hands. This eliminates the longstanding issue of conventional hemostats not allowing for left-hand use. With Ambidex, both left-handed and right-handed professionals can use the same hemostats, eliminating guesswork and frustration.

Stainless Steel Construction

Made with high-quality medical-grade stainless steel, Ambidex Hemostat Forceps and Needle Holders are strong, flexible, and tough. You can expect durability and long-lasting performance from these expertly crafted surgical instruments.

A Superior Industry Standard

Ambidex is newly designed with convenience in mind, making it superior to existing hemostats. It's easy to transition from using one hand to the other with the help of Ambidex's ambidextrous locking system. You can push and pull in either direction with ease, making it easier than ever to keep your work fluid with no interruptions. Three easily adjusted locking positions also provide excellently precise item stability.

Additionally, it's easy to grip Ambidex hemostat forceps and needle holders thanks to its bigger rings that can help you release and grip quickly, without risking getting your fingers stuck.

Precision When You Need It

Ambidex's fully serrated jaws are designed for excellent precision and needle clamping stability. The straight blunt tip makes it less likely that you'll damage the clamped item, so Ambidex can help you execute even the most delicately precise tasks. Doctors, nurses, surgeons, EMTs, and other medical professionals can rely on Ambidex to deliver precise care when it matters most.

A Versatile Tool for Hobbies and More

Ambidex hemostat forceps and needle holders are useful outside the operating room as well. Hobbyists from fishermen to DIY crafters will appreciate the tool's ease of use and handy precision. Instead of fumbling with tweezers, Ambidex makes it easy to execute precise movements with the strength of its self-locking system.

From assembling electronics and watches to building miniatures and mounting taxidermy, Ambidex can easily become the go-to for all your hobby tasks. No matter what you DIY next, when precision counts, you can count on Ambidex!

Experience Ambidex for Yourself

Stop struggling with conventional hemostats and experience a seamless alternative. Ambidex hemostat forceps and needle holders provide a new industry standard of convenience and ease of use for medical professionals and hobbyists alike. Try out this patent-protected design and get ready for effortless and fluid use!

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Nov 18th 2022 SURGICAL123

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